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Mother's Emotional Wellbeing and Child Development

Mother’s Emotional Wellbeing and Child Development

It is not really a secret and probably any therapist will be able to confirm to you that parenting has an influence on child’s mental health and emotional wellbeing. I share this view and think that parenting has an important impact on how the child is going to view themselves, others and the world later on in life—also as an adult. I covered this topic already a while ago in a separate piece: Mindful Parenting as Essence of Child’s Mental Health. Recently published research about the impact of mother’s personality traits on child’s level of depression, anxiety and self-harm confirms what, as a therapist, I see with my psychotherapy clients all the time.

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Development of Narcissism or Bringing up a Narcissist

Development of Narcissism or Bringing Up a Narcissist

Development of narcissism tends to start early in life and is often mistaken for confidence. In addition, today’s society often incubates narcissism and narcissists as a virtue, rather than pathology. But that doesn’t mean that the pain a narcissist will go through will be any less once they break. And there is also the pain of their partners in the relationships they form—even though they are not capable of sustaining a true intimate and healthy relationship. So, what causes someone to be a narcissist?

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Mindful Parenting

Mindful Parenting as Essence of Child’s Mental Health

Constant changes in society and fast advances in technology are continuously changing the way people live and interact with one another. And that’s also having its impact on parenting. The way my generation lived as we were kids—the kind of parenting we were subject to—is quite different from what kind of society and environment we live in today and how this affects parenting. Hence the importance of mindful parenting.

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