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Narcissism, Narcissist and Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Narcissism in Narcissistic Society

Is narcissist a modern day standard and is narcissism on the rise in cosmopolitan world today? At least the latter is often a question and the answer is also simple. But I guess the straightforward answer would not really be enough. The next question is why is that so, why is it happening and why?

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Therapy and the Fear of Change


Burnout is a term that is used often in relation to feelings of physical fatigue due to work, work-related issues and stress. Socially the term is used to describe a person that is chronically overworked and potentially not getting enough sleep and time away from professional life. Often times burnout is also misinterpreted as anxiety or depression.

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Who Needs Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy still often remains a taboo and a topic that is insufficiently discussed. Many often wonder who needs psychotherapy, what it is and what the criteria for it are. Nonetheless, there is still a lot of reluctance to speak about it openly.

It is usually assumed that someone needs psychotherapy only when mental health issues get to the point of severe disturbance in their life. So, when does one need psychotherapy and in what cases?

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