Counsellor and Therapist Ales Zivkovic Psychotherapy and Counselling North London – Therapy North LondonAbout Ales Zivkovic – Counsellor and Therapist North London

Ales Zivkovic is a qualified psychotherapy counsellor and therapist based in North London, UK. He helps his clients and patients in therapy room—both working as counsellor within the NHS (National Health Service), as well as running his own private psychotherapy and counselling practice (Ales Zivkovic Psychotherapy and Counselling North London). His private therapy and counselling practice covers predominantly the North London area—from Camden, Primrose Hill, Belsize Park, Hampstead, West Hampstead, Maida Vale, Swiss Cottage to St John’s Wood.

As a therapist and psychotherapy counsellor, his work with clients and NHS patients allowed him to see how a change in ourselves can make a change in how we feel, how we think and behave, the happiness we experience, the fulfilment we realise, the relationships we engage in, the things we do and the lives we pursue.

Ales endeavoured on the path of helping people in therapy room—offering psychotherapy and counselling as means of life change—because of his wish to help others and be a part of something purposeful. His aspiration is to offer something that can have a lasting change in peoples’ lives—such that will truly matter to them.

For him, helping others through the course of counselling and therapy is being part of something truly meaningful. He does that through individual therapy sessions, group therapy and relationship counselling.

If you want to learn how you can work with Ales in a counselling and therapy setting, please visit Psychotherapy and Counselling North London page or contact him visiting his Contact page.

Ales is also an active writer. Life Blocks: Psychology in Entrepreneurship and Career is his latest book. In it, he addresses the inner personal path and psychological aspects of entrepreneurship, career, success, education and other aspects of us as individuals and at the same time social beings in modern society. It addresses what we tend to strive for in the modern world, but often find with disappointment.

Ales also writes for The Huffington Post and various other publications.