Group Therapy North London, March 2017

For anyone interested in group therapy, there will be a new Group Therapy North London starting in March 2017. The group will be run as transactional analysis (TA) process therapy group.

Focus of Group Therapy North London

The group is suitable for anyone interested in personal development or therapy in general or specifically in transactional analysis psychotherapy in the form of group therapy.

Group Therapy North London is an opportunity for anyone to accelerate personal change through group therapy, which can often times be extremely potent and effective form of personal therapy. Group dynamics promotes intensive therapeutic change.

Group Therapy North London will run as heterogenic therapy group in order to best replicate “real-life setting”, basing predominantly in transactional analysis psychotherapy but also integrating other group therapy and process therapy techniques.

The group is also suitable for anyone training in psychotherapy or counselling (TA or any other modality) and wanting to enhance their own personal development or experience with group therapy setting.

Structure of the group

  • Number of group members: Max 12, min 6 – exclusive leader(s)
  • Closed group


  • Weekly (late afternoons)
  • Duration of sessions: 90min
  • Duration of the group: 16-20 weeks
  • Price £40 per session

Location of group therapy sessions

The group will be meeting in North London. Exact location will be determined in the following weeks, but will be in the Primrose Hill and Swiss Cottage area.

Contact details

For more information about the group or any other related inquiries, please contact me by phone or email or by filling in the contact form here.

If you want to know more about me, feel free to visit the following pages:


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If you want to learn more about how group therapy works, please visit here.

For more information about transactional analysis psychotherapy, please visit here.

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