Life Outside the Comfort Zone

Are you afraid of the fact that you have no clue what your life is going to look like in a year? How will you feel in a year? Will you take the proper, the difficult, the more interesting or creative and fulfilling path? How will that turn out and how would it turn out if you didn’t? For you, for others. Why risk it and not take the easy way? It might be better in the long run. But maybe you would just go numb and die inside.

It is OK to be afraid

Do these questions sound familiar? It’s a scary thought when you think of it and it never seems to fail sending shivers down your spine. But then again, wouldn’t you be absolutely terrified if it were the other way around. The thought of knowing is comforting only for a moment. Until it dawns on you. When you see that knowing means no new experience, no growth, no living, just surviving.

If you are afraid of how you are going to get through the next day, it means you are living in an uncertain world, an uncertain life. It means you are living outside your comfort zone. And it’s only obvious to feel anxious, scared, and on the edge while you’re walking on that rim with wind blowing at you from all directions. You are a human being; a person that knows what fear is. It’s scary to walk on that rim.

Fear stimulates—it’s livening. Coziness numbs—it’s deadening.

Seeing the future destroys it

That takes you out of your comfort zone. And going into the unknown usually feels terrifying. But snoozing in you comfort zone is a bit like digging a hole and living your life looking out. You only see the sky, not the vast horizon. And you can’t tell what’s going on two feet away from you.

Exchange the lifelessness of surviving with living. You are not picking your kids up after school just to do it again the next day.

Swimming is the opposite of drowning

Unless you hold your breath. You cannot inhale when you don’t exhale. To catch the next breath in time, you need to exhale in time.

Let go—that’s how you grab on to something new.

Where is your life if no future exists?

I once worked with a client that wanted to get rid of her anxiety. She wanted to get rid of her constant thinking about what comes next. Her constant attempt and struggle to control her world. Days were about contemplating of the next thing to come. The meeting after; the doctor’s appointment after; the lunch; the groceries; the vacation; the next job.

No present, just future. But, if the future doesn’t exist in present, where are you actually? The only present she experienced was in the therapy room and then she chose to take it out into her life.