Depression: Mark Widdowson and Ales Zivkovic Take It On

I (Ales Zivkovic) talked to a dear psychotherapy and counselling colleague of mine, Mark Widdowson, about depression and what its place in the modern society is.

Based in central Manchester, Mark is one of the leading psychotherapy experts on depression and in general one of the leading experts from the field of transactional analysis psychotherapy.

Through his award winning research, he has developed treatments for depression and anxiety and is a widely published academic author and psychotherapy researcher. His articles and books are widely used both in therapy setting, as well as in training and education.

Mark is a senior lecturer in psychotherapy and counselling at the University of Salford, and regularly presents his ideas and research throughout Europe.

In this podcast interview, Mark and I discuss the nature of feeling depressed and how it differentiates from other feelings, such as grief, sadness and low mood. We also go into unchartered waters of what the purpose of this feeling is from an anthropologic perspective.

As two psychotherapy and counselling enthusiasts, we obviously do not forget to drift into philosophical waters of human identification and its part as an underlying cause of depression.

We discuss its characteristics, what some of its predispositions are and what kind of perception of oneself, others and the world is distinctive of it.

We touch on the recent increase in incidence and prevalence of depression and what part social media is playing in that.

Talking about depression is not possible without discussing suicide, which appears to be a taboo topic due to false assumption that it is just a too sensitive thing to discuss with someone suffering of depression.

Taking about depression is not possible without discussing treatment. We talk about psychotherapy and its effectiveness compared to other forms of therapy – especially antidepressants – and what are the situations when psychotherapy might prove beneficial.

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