Ales Zivkovic Psychotherapy and Counselling West HampsteadPersonal and Professional Growth for Companies

“People don’t quit their jobs because of their jobs. They quit because of their private life.”

Who am I?

I work both as an experienced and qualified psychotherapy counsellor—in NHS (National Health Service) in South West London and within my private psychotherapy practice in North London—as well as a transformational and executive coach to business professionals, executives and entrepreneurs.

In my work as transformational and executive coach, I combine my extensive business, corporate, policy-making, negotiations, political and entrepreneurial experience with my psychotherapy knowledge and, as such, offer my clients applicable and tangible knowledge.

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What can I bring to your team?

It doesn’t take much to help companies and their employees find fulfilment in their work and avoid burnout. It also does not take much to align their personal ambition to the company’s strategy.

Companies needs satisfied employees that feel fulfilled and have healthy personal and professional ambitions.

The secret is in real-life implementation and not just using text book as a guide.

How do I do it?

I will work with your employees and for your employees. And I will do it for the benefit of them as well as for the benefit of your business.

You will not see a cookie cutter approach when I work with your colleagues, nor will you see me handing out questionnaires. Every person is unique and it’s their uniqueness that defines how they work as a team and how they go through life as individuals.

Why choose me?

In my career I worked within large corporate environments, public sector and even political environment. This is experience that I integrate with my psychotherapy practice to produce best support for your team.

My latest book also looks into how intensely professional and personal aspects of our lives are intertwined. You can find more about Life Blocks: Psychology in Entrepreneurship and Career here.